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APRIL 26, 2018


New Brand Identity Creates Visual Signal of Repositioning

CINCINNATI, OH – April 26, 2018 – Downtown Cincinnati-based Cleriti, created as an offshoot of Advent Media Group, a local agency focused on print, has strategically re-launched as a full-service digital agency. Previously, Cleriti, an inbound marketing agency, supported client marketing and sales teams to attract website visitors, lead conversion to customers. Keri Witman, brought into Cleriti as President in 2017, has been named CEO and is leading the transformation.

"As clients navigate today’s digital world they find they need a digital agency who can provide a more holistic service offering. So, we stepped back and re-engineered what we were doing to take full advantage of our people resources and expertise in all aspects of digital to truly be a full-service digital agency", said Keri Witman, President of Cleriti. "Core to our heritage is our ability to leverage marketing content to help clients connect with people, convert them to customers and keep them through authentic relationship tactics over time". Advent Media Group CEO Rob Lutz noted, "Almost immediately Witman clearly articulated a strategy for how to grow the company by transforming what we do in a way that leverages all that we have to offer the marketplace. Keri is smart, savvy and truly taking the company where it needs to go", he continued.

Cleriti’s new visual identity represents the company’s closed loop service platform - with strategy development that relies on sound data and analytics, content development for a variety of channels and web site design and development. A key part of its’ rebranding is a new Cleriti web site that highlights the totality of the company’s expertise in strategy, content, multi-channel tactics and web site management that includes a focus on user experience. "We want Cleriti.com to be a resource on all-things-digital, so we focused on meaningful and fresh content with eBooks, white papers and blog posts", continued Ms. Witman.

With the agency relaunch, Cleriti is on a growth trajectory and is seeking to hire additional experienced digital marketers over the next year.

About Cleriti
Cleriti is a Cincinnati-based full-service digital marketing agency that creates tailored digital marketing solutions and intelligent content that connects with people in relevant ways. Cleriti leverages the foundational elements of data and insights to inform content creation for the digital environment. Cleriti offers customer-centric digital marketing services that include strategy, content, social media, paid media and web site design and development. Cleriti helps B2B and B2C companies build and reinforce their reputation in the digital landscape and produces measurable results. To learn more about Cleriti, visit https://www.cleriti.com.

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