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October 12, 2017


Cross-Channel Platform Leverages Data & Science to Create More Meaningful Relationships Between Customers & Brands

CINCINNATI, OH – October 12, 2017 – With deep expertise in retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), marketing and media, 84.51° announces Kroger Precision Marketing, Powered by 84.51°, a cross-channel media solution focused on precise personalized communication to customers at the right time with the right message in the right way.

84.51°, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Kroger Co., the third largest retailer in the world, works exclusively with CPGs to deepen relationships with Kroger customers and brands to create measurable value. Kroger Precision Marketing, Powered by 84.51° taps into purchase data from 60 million households from 2,800 stores in 35 states to create holistic campaigns across an expanded digital eco-system. The offerings include on-site advertising on Kroger.com, co-branded digital media across the open Web, and Kroger’s MyMagazine Sharing Network, an exclusive word-of-mouth platform which reaches Kroger’s most loyal customers with new products to better understand customer opinions and acquire user generated content.

Through the precision of 84.51’s data and targeting science, CPGs can now leverage multiple channels to connect with customers, delivering against key objectives such as accelerating the impact of new product launches, amplifying in-store promotions or driving long term sales growth. Kroger Precision Marketing, Powered by 84.51°, features dynamic closed-loop analysis allowing CPGs to evaluate household level impact by connecting exposure data to sales results to optimize investment strategies. 84.51° and Kroger have piloted the platform with several brands over the last 18 months. A recent co-branded digital media program proved marketing efficiency based on actual in-store behavior, when compared against other strategies. 84.51° purchased-based strategies drove 4x the sales uplift of other strategies, despite representing 50% fewer impressions. 84.51° also has proven the net incremental impact of layering a consistent message and call to action across 3 or more communications channels will achieve up to 12x the sales lift for a brand.

“Kroger loyal customers seek a higher degree of relevancy and personalization in the content they are served. With the insights that this platform offers, we can engage with our customers in more meaningful ways to increase their loyalty through brand engagement,” said Stuart Aitken, CEO, 84.51°. “This platform also fuels two parts of the Restock Kroger Plan, announced yesterday in New York at the company’s annual Investor Conference: Redefine the Food and Grocery Customer Experience and Expand Partnerships to Create Customer Value. Enhancing personalization and creating alternative revenue streams, as we will through this platform, are focus areas to grow value for Kroger’s shareholders, customers and associates.

For more information on Kroger Precision Marketing, Powered by 84.51°, visit www.krogerprecisionmarketing.com or contact Cara Pratt, Vice President, Customer Communications, Product Strategy & Innovation at cara.pratt@8451.com or 513-632-0685.

About 84.51°:
84.51° brings together customer data, predictive analytics and marketing strategy to drive sales growth and customer loyalty for Kroger and more than 300 consumer-packaged-goods companies in the U.S. Our programs achieve business objectives by driving awareness, trial, sales uplift, earned media impressions and ultimately, customer loyalty. Using a sophisticated, proprietary suite of tools and technology, we turn customer data into knowledge, resulting in a more enlightened, more personal, dynamic approach to putting the customer at the center of every business decision.

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